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Vika Eksta. Dievs Daba Darbs

Vika Eksta. Dievs Daba Darbs

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"Dievs Daba Darbs" (God Nature Work) is a trilogy written by Latvian female author Anna Brigadere in early 1900s as a quite sentimental examination of life of Latvian peasants narrated by a young daughter of rural servants. Young Latvian photographer Vika Eksta has reevaluated and reframed the image of the traditional lifestyle and it’s contemporary state characterized by migration, devastation, aging of the population, emptiness etc. by re-enacting the life of a country woman who passed away some years ago.


Title: Dieva Daba Darbs (God Nature Work)
Publisher: Self Published
Author: Vika Eksta
Language: Latvian
Size: 22.5 x 20.3 cm
Edition: 200 copies
Release date: 2018

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