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Stig Stasig. Forštate

Stig Stasig. Forštate

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In 1992, danish photographer Stig Stasig went to Riga. Here he photographed in the ruins of the Soviet Union, the heavily congested district of the Maskavas Forštate ( Moscow Suburb) bounded by the railway to one side and the Daugava river on the other. A then closed and impoverished area ruled by crime, where neither police nor latvians went. Meeting the residents of the Maskavas Forštate made a strong impression on Stig Stasig, because the unfortunate fates he met, mirrored his own loneliness and depression. In 2015, he returned to Riga. The questions had begun to emerge: what if he got names and the stories for the pictures he took in 1992? Forštate is a photographic story about the Maskavas Forštate in 1992 with accompanying text by Birna Kleivan in conversation with Stig Stasig.


Title: Forštate
Author: Stig Stasig
Publisher: BOOK LAB & Stig Stasig
Language: English
Size: 240 x 320 mm, 136 pages, open spine book
Release date: 2022

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