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Sam Margevicius

Sam Margevicius. Winter Sketchbook

Sam Margevicius. Winter Sketchbook

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Winter Sketchbook brings together photographs, drawings, and text created during the first two months of 2023, while Sam Margevicius was an artist-in-residence at ISSP. The publication emphasizes analog processes, beginning with small prints the artist made in a traditional photographic darkroom. The prints were physically cut and pasted on top of grids drawn without the aid of a ruler and accompanied by handwritten fragments of text.  

Photographs of empty garden trellises, abandoned building materials, and shuttered windows intermingle with images of candlelit books, laundry, and dishes piling up. Margevicius explores the slowness of winter and wonders, aloud to the reader, whether the clothesline is more content at work or in rest. 

Title: Winter Sketchbook
Author: Sam Margevicius
Language: English
Pages: 32
Release Date: 2023

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