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Roberts Johansons. Age and Photography

Roberts Johansons. Age and Photography

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Roberts Johansons in Katrīna Teivāne's research reveals as one of the most visible Latvian photographers, whose most active period of activity refers to the period from the 20th century until the beginning of the Second World War. Johansons was a member of the Latvian Photographic Society and later also of the Photographic Society, having spent most of his professional life as a salon photographer. In parallel with his daily work, he devoted himself to the creation of artistic images and meticulous documentation of the Latvian environment.


Title: Age and Photography
Author: Roberts Johansons. Text authors: Katrīna Teivāne, Ainārs Kamoliņš. Literary editor: Antra Bula. Translator into English: Valdis Bērziņš. Design: Anta Pence
Publisher: Neputns
Language: In Latvain with summary in English
Release date: 2022

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