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Paul Kuimet. Compositions with passing time

Paul Kuimet. Compositions with passing time

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Paul Kuimet’s first comprehensive monograph includes the artist’s works from 2013–2020, mainly photographic installations and 16 mm films, the subject matter of which ranges from landscapes and architecture to objects and works of art. Compositions with Passing Time presents a large selection of images from Kuimet’s lightbox installations, films and C-prints, which are further discussed in five accompanying essays by Nico Anklam, Anthea Buys, Piret Karro, Chris Sharp, and Jaak Tomberg. The publication is edited by Laura Toots, designed by Indrek Sirkel and published by Lugemik.


Title: Compositions with passing time
Publisher: Lugemik
Author: Paul Kuimet
Language: English
Size: 230 × 305 mm, 280 pages
Release date: 2021

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