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Olena Morozova

Olena Morozova. Granny

Olena Morozova. Granny

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As the author of this project, I want to tell, without amplification, an outstanding story of the life of my grandmother and share my personal and unique experience of communicating with her. The main theme of the book – dementia – is a serious social problem in our society and it is important to pay attention to it, as people in this condition require special support.

The book also reveals other aspects of our lives: family relations, intergenerational bonds and the unique identity of women. It’s about the Woman who had the courage in the Soviet era to lead a feminist way of life. This became an important part of the book.

The book includes unique pictures from the archives of my grandmother from the 30s-80s of the twentieth century. Some of them were handmade by my grandmother because she was fascinated by photography. I have recorded stories from my granny’s life, which she recounted to me when she was ill. The texts are in their original language (Russian-Ukrainian Surzhyk) and translated into English.

Title:  Granny, 2019-2023
Author: Olena Morozova
Design: Redzet editions
Size: 215x240, linen, embroidery cover

Language: Ukrainian, English

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