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Latvian Photography 2022

Latvian Photography 2022

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50 photographers

4 essays on Latvian photography by:
Santa Hirša
Sergejs Kruks
Santa Remere
Alise Tīfentāle

Title: Latvian Photography 2022
Designer:Alexey Murashko
Publisher: KultKom
Language: Latvian, English
Edition:200 copies
Release date: 2022

Editor Arnis Balčus, who, together with designer Aleksej Muraško, have created a unique edition, which is both a guide to all previous yearbooks and aims to reflect the overall picture of Latvian photography today. The book contains essays by Alisa Tiefenthal, Santa Hirša, Santa Remera and Sergej Kruk, as well as short interviews with almost 50 Latvian photographers whose works have been published in the previous 11 yearbooks.

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