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Arnis Balčus. Latvia via Al

Arnis Balčus. Latvia via Al

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The focus of the 2023 Riga Photomonth is artificial intelligence, which inspired the Latvia via AI project. Throughout the month of May, 31 exhibitions, a new one every day, are held at the Riga Fotomēneša gallery at Ģertrudes Street 64, which look at Latvia, its society, environment and culture. This edition is both a festival catalog and a stand-alone book where you can see the works included in the exhibitions.

Title: Latvia via Al / Mākslīgā intelekta Latvija
Author: Dall-E, DeepAI, Stable Diffusion, Arnis Balčus
Designer: Kirils Kirasirovs
Publisher: KultKom
Language: Latvian, English
Edition: 300 copies
Release date: 2023

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