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Kristīne Krauze-Slucka. Vibrations of Material Universe. Thirst of Gold

Kristīne Krauze-Slucka. Vibrations of Material Universe. Thirst of Gold

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Gold is an extension of human happiness, and so are everyday images. As every coin has two sides, so has every image. Seeking to make visible an otherwise invisible threat to the biosphere, contributed from analogue photographic image-making, I slowly create a layer of water on light-sensitive photographic paper and carefully inject the chemicals into it. For me, it serves as a comprehensive gesture, where the aesthetics of hand-made pollution are revealed. Where a watery blue becomes golden. It’s a gaze and a movement of my hand that recognises water as a universal solvent, treats it as a source of life and transformation and acknowledges it as a collector of chemical waste. Wh¬ether it is from large-scale production or one activity, a contaminated substance is created that finds its way back to us through its flow. There is no way we can avoid our contribution to the ecosystem. No matter how small. But neither can we avoid photographs of this kind exploiting the chemical and physical reactions of physical phenomena themselves. Becoming documents of their own.


Title: Vibrations of Material Universe. Thirst of Gold
Publisher: NoRoutine Books
Design: Gytis Skudzinskas, Type of binding: Leporello in a Cover
Author: Kristīne Krauze Slucka
Language: English
Size: 13,9 × 21,3 cm, 224 pages
Edition: 99 copies
Release date: July 2021

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