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Georgs Avetisjans. Homeland

Georgs Avetisjans. Homeland

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"Homeland" (Dzimtene) by Latvian photographer Georgs Avetisjans is a multi-layered photographic narrative in a form of a photobook of the longest village in the country, to which the author has a personal connection. The project explores the sea, the land and memories, how the time affects and changes our sense of a place, at the same time serving a nostalgic representation Kaltene and its recent history via interviews, notes and archival imagery. As the Iron curtain fell, the local economy changed and upon joining the EU in 2004, it changed again. These historical shifts made a huge impact on the society and its dreams, many of which the younger generations have abandoned.

Title: Homeland
Publisher: Milda Books
Author: Georgs Avetisjans
Language: Latvian
Size: 23 x 28 cm, 750 pages
Edition: 750 copies
Release date: 2018

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