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Bahadir Aksan. Daffodil

Bahadir Aksan. Daffodil

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"Daffodil" by Bahadir Aksan is the winner of the Self Publish Riga 2018 Dummy Contest. After the contest the book was published by Kaunas Photography Gallery. 

“With my photographs I try to narrate the death of youth, just like those cemetery daffodils as was regarded by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. I want to place emphasis on ageing, on slowing down, on melancholy, isolation, and confusion, on the awareness of our own farewell - surely one of the most painful concerns - and, in contrast, also on small moments of happiness: the soul’s resistance to death.” — Bahadir Aksan

Title: Daffodil
Author: Bahadir Aksan
Publisher: Kaunas Photography Gallery
Size:  188 x 233 mm, soft cover
Edition: 500
Release date: 2019

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