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Arnis Balčus. Victory Park

Arnis Balčus. Victory Park

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"Victory Park" by Latvian photographer Arnis Balčus focuses on the location of Victory Park in Riga, which embodies the historical trauma of a small Baltic nation. Once built to symbolise Latvian independence, now the park together with the Victory monument stands for Russian chauvinism, the Russian-speaking community, and the Soviet occupation. The monument looms over the skyline of Latvian capital Riga, every day reminding of the controversial issues it signifies. It constitutes an element in formation of the Latvian identity, which is often constructed in juxtaposition to the Other, the Other being that of the Other sex or Other ethnicity.

Title: Victory Park
Publisher: Brave Books, KultKom
Author: Arnis Balčus
Language: English
Size: 23 x 29 cm, 84 pages
Edition: 500 copies
Release date: 2016

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