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Arnis Balčus. The Future Belongs To Future People

Arnis Balčus. The Future Belongs To Future People

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The photobook feature 99 photographs of police officers, folk girls, protesters and collective rituals, which together form a critical, ironic and sentimental picture of Latvian society. The photos were taken from 2008 to 2015, when Latvia recovered from the previous economic crisis and the ideological goal of that time – the introduction of the euro – promised to solve all its problems. Today there’s another crisis and another solution, but has society changed?


Title: The Future Belongs To Future People
Author: Arnis Balčus
Published by:  Kultkom
Design: Alexey Murashko
Text: Sergei Kruk
Size: 99 photos, 17x24cm, 208 pages, Hard velvet cover with dust jacket (2 versions), offset
Language: English, Latvian
Release date: 2021

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